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The Plan is Now


I encourage all Socialists and leftest to spread the message of freedom. Anonymous is not a group it is an idea. That idea is being manifested in reality. You can watch a revolution occur from the bench or you can participate in the greatest revolution to ever take place. This is the evolution of the human race to justice and peace. Revolution is inevitable as Karl Marx stated. Boycott Paypal and any request our comrades have around the world. Boycott those who are against freedom. Spread the message of this idea through Facebook, blogs, friends, art, graffiti, whatever method. Propagate! We are the majority. The corporations cannot win against the people. We want peace, justice, and equal distribution of wealth.


Marijuana legalization should be a socialist cause!

Some topics are very controversy and the issue of legalizing marijuana is one of those controversial topics.  It may seem strange that a socialist would say that marijuana legalization should be a socialist cause. Some may think this is the words of a youthful one who is irresponsible and just wants to get fucked up all the time. Many people do not take this issue seriously. The fact of the matter is that we have been lied about marijuana. Yes sure I would love for all of us to roll up joints and take bong rips, but that is not the main intent of marijuana legalization. It is not just that marijuana is now revealed to be a very healing and non harming herb, but the fact that the so called land of the free has been leading an unjust war on our freedom for many years now for the sake of profit for the ruling class.

Marijuana used to be a legal herb that was used in America for many medicines, agriculture, paper, clothing (from hemp), and many other such things. From thousands of years ago many cultures used cannabis or marijuana for healing, spirituality, and to make products such as writing paper (the Chinese first writing material was from hemp) (also the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper).  In 1619 in Virginia’s Jamestown colony had a law that ordered people to grow marijuana.

The American  people were lied to when they were told of the so called evils of Marijuana. The whole propaganda machine of the far right and the ruling class fed into the minds and hearts of people that Cannabis was dangerous. They said it kills brains cells, causes cancer, and causes nigers and spics to rape white women. Now we know that Cannabis does not kill brain cells (it actually helps brain cell growth), it does not cause cancer, you cannot over dose and blacks and hispanics are not made to rape white women from ingesting it. There are a wide range of medical benefits for cannabis. Glaucoma is not just the only condition that Cannabis can help with. So the question is why were we lied to?

Well our great American presidents and the ruling class decided along with corporations that Marijuana/Cannabis was a threat to their profit making. Of course they get their profits from the surplus of the working class people in producing the money that is pocketed by the wealthy, but they want more profit so they take away the freedoms of the working people who create the wealth for the ruling class. The lumbar industry suffers under Marijuana legalization and so does the health care industry and other industries.  Think of all the money that is racked in by the health care industry to feed the bellies of the ruling class. Think of all the nasty side affects of the ‘legal’ drugs that the government condones. Then think of working class people growing Marijuana/Cannabis in their garden and getting medicine for free with limited side affects of having the munchies and having dry mouth. The health care industry has difficulty competing with this. So why not eliminate access to this herb that grows naturally from the Earth? This is what they did. The ruling class is ever clever to inflict policies that take away our freedoms for the sake of profit.

They have made a plant, an herb, that was revered by some cultures as the tree of life and some ancient civilizations even worshiped gods associated with Cannabis. All for the sake of profit for themselves and exploitation of the working class. So when a fellow socialist glares at the thought of another socialist bringing up marijuana, I can simply see that they have fallen into the propaganda of the ruling class. Socialist revolution is a fight for freedom and true democracy. Does not taking away peoples medicine, recreational relaxed use, and ability to make many products go against freedom and does it not show that we are slaves to the ruling class who only wish to exploit us for the sake of filling their pockets with our wealth?

I suggest that those who have not already seen the documentary film, “The Union” to watch it and educate yourself on how our government has lied straight to our face while enjoying their lavish luxuries with the wealth created by our hands.

Exploitation of the Working Class

Capitalism is a system of exploitation. The ruling class or the elite rule over the means of production and surplus created from the working class people. One finds that the Capitalists claim that they worked very hard for their money and that they deserve enormous tax breaks, because its ‘their money’. They want us the working people to be taxed heavily, while they enjoy that money. Did these men really work all that hard for their money?

How does the wealth get created that the rich have? Is it really money for the rich? In society we see that the surplus made from production of things (commodities) that are not for immediate consumption, but are for profit motive goes to the pocket of the ruling class. This is the capitalist class. But wait the rich own the factories and other such things that allow us to create this wealth. The question that may arise is who builds the buildings, makes the machinery, and other such things? It is none other than the working class. Look all around you. Look at the computers, the iron, pots, refrigerator, cars, everything. They are all made by the working people. They are given money in return for their labor which is usually minimal. The workers produce value which is the unpaid labor that goes into the pocket of the ruling class. The working class sweat and the ruling class stands there and says that they are the ones who work hard. They said if it were not for the rich we would have no jobs and that they are able to invest money etc.. The fact is that the money that they can make investments is produced by the working class.

In a socialist society the surplus from producing that which is necessary for life would be used to prepare for disasters, education, culture, health care, and other such things that are necessary for a whole some life. Just recently a man decided to rob a bank so that he could get health care service. Here is the link to the story:

This is truly sad, but there is no time for tears at this point. We need to act now. Not everyone will agree that Socialism is the best method, but can we not agree that  the wealth created for the ruling class is by none other than the working class? Can we agree that all the things around us are produced by the hands of working people? We deserve more than just better wages. We deserve a system that is designed in the interest of the majority.


Wiki leaks reveals US involvement with lowering minimum wage in Haiti


This is what capitalism causes. There is no patching up or putting a bandaid on capitalism. It has to be demantle and an alternative political economy needs to be implemented, a socialist one. How can we claim to be leaders of the free world when all we do is screw over other people which are the majority of the world (the poor and middle class).



Rick Scotts war on welfare and profit making off of the poor.


Okay Rick Scott, a Governor in Florida has done what he has planned before even taking office. Not only do welfare recipients have to take a drug test they will also have to pay for them. (Their on welfare you assholes).


“The new law, a version of which was struck down by a federal court in Michigan in 2003, requires recipients to pay for the tests before qualifying for benefits and periodically after they receive them.”


Rick Scott also owns some of Solantic clinics. Now this good ol’republican claims that he has given the titleship to his wife, but c’mon really? Is this not a conflict of interest?


“If you have a $62 million investment, representing the biggest single chunk of your $218 million in wealth, and you put it in a trust under your wife’s name, does that mean you’re no longer involved in the company?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says it does.”

Is this what the modern day ‘revolutionary’ tea party can give to us? Just pieces of shit politicians who literally screw over the poor for the sake of profit.


Long live Communism









The US is after Libyan Oil


Chavez proposes talks for Libya in order to make peace instead of sending US marines into the area just so that the US can take oil.


Fight against the Koch Brothers

Our friends and comrades of Anonymous site ( have asked that we protest against the Koch brothers by boycotting their paper products. These two goons Charles and David Koch who are supporting the labor union busting of Governor Walker.  This is what our comrades at Anonymous have to say:

“In a world where corporate money has become the lifeblood of political influence, the labor unions are one of the few ways citizens have to fight against corporate greed,” the release added. “Anonymous cannot ignore the plight of the citizen-workers of Wisconsin, or the opportunity to fight for the people in America’s broken political system. For these reasons, we feel that the Koch brothers threaten the United States democratic system and, by extension, all freedom-loving individuals everywhere.”


and these are the products they ask us to boycott:


“In the US, those products were listed as Vanity Fair, Quilted Northern, Angel Soft, Sparkle, Brawney, Mardi Gras and Dixie. For Europe, they were Demak’Up, Kitten Soft, Lotus / Lotus Soft, Tenderly, Nouvelle Soft, Okay Kitchen Towels, Colhogar, Delica, Inversoft and Tutto.”

So let us join the ranks of the great revolutionaries at Anonymous and all revolutionaries around the world that want freedom and come together to boycott these products.