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Wiki leaks reveals US involvement with lowering minimum wage in Haiti


This is what capitalism causes. There is no patching up or putting a bandaid on capitalism. It has to be demantle and an alternative political economy needs to be implemented, a socialist one. How can we claim to be leaders of the free world when all we do is screw over other people which are the majority of the world (the poor and middle class).




Rick Scotts war on welfare and profit making off of the poor.


Okay Rick Scott, a Governor in Florida has done what he has planned before even taking office. Not only do welfare recipients have to take a drug test they will also have to pay for them. (Their on welfare you assholes).


“The new law, a version of which was struck down by a federal court in Michigan in 2003, requires recipients to pay for the tests before qualifying for benefits and periodically after they receive them.”


Rick Scott also owns some of Solantic clinics. Now this good ol’republican claims that he has given the titleship to his wife, but c’mon really? Is this not a conflict of interest?


“If you have a $62 million investment, representing the biggest single chunk of your $218 million in wealth, and you put it in a trust under your wife’s name, does that mean you’re no longer involved in the company?

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says it does.”

Is this what the modern day ‘revolutionary’ tea party can give to us? Just pieces of shit politicians who literally screw over the poor for the sake of profit.


Long live Communism









The US is after Libyan Oil


Chavez proposes talks for Libya in order to make peace instead of sending US marines into the area just so that the US can take oil.