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Exploitation of the Working Class

Capitalism is a system of exploitation. The ruling class or the elite rule over the means of production and surplus created from the working class people. One finds that the Capitalists claim that they worked very hard for their money and that they deserve enormous tax breaks, because its ‘their money’. They want us the working people to be taxed heavily, while they enjoy that money. Did these men really work all that hard for their money?

How does the wealth get created that the rich have? Is it really money for the rich? In society we see that the surplus made from production of things (commodities) that are not for immediate consumption, but are for profit motive goes to the pocket of the ruling class. This is the capitalist class. But wait the rich own the factories and other such things that allow us to create this wealth. The question that may arise is who builds the buildings, makes the machinery, and other such things? It is none other than the working class. Look all around you. Look at the computers, the iron, pots, refrigerator, cars, everything. They are all made by the working people. They are given money in return for their labor which is usually minimal. The workers produce value which is the unpaid labor that goes into the pocket of the ruling class. The working class sweat and the ruling class stands there and says that they are the ones who work hard. They said if it were not for the rich we would have no jobs and that they are able to invest money etc.. The fact is that the money that they can make investments is produced by the working class.

In a socialist society the surplus from producing that which is necessary for life would be used to prepare for disasters, education, culture, health care, and other such things that are necessary for a whole some life. Just recently a man decided to rob a bank so that he could get health care service. Here is the link to the story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/yblog_thelookout/20110621/ts_yblog_thelookout/man-robs-bank-to-get-medical-care-in-jail

This is truly sad, but there is no time for tears at this point. We need to act now. Not everyone will agree that Socialism is the best method, but can we not agree that  the wealth created for the ruling class is by none other than the working class? Can we agree that all the things around us are produced by the hands of working people? We deserve more than just better wages. We deserve a system that is designed in the interest of the majority.



Socialism a brief discussion

What is Socialism? We hear this term all the time in mainstream media mainly from far right republicans. Socialism has been demonized by the Capitalist international rulers. We see the affects even to this day when we hear the word Socialism. Some words that come to mind when we hear about socialism is dictatorship, removing of our rights, and murder. Of course this is what they wish to present to you, but is it really the reality?

If that is not the reality, then why do they frequently demonize Socialism and Marxism? The reason for all the hatred toward Socialism is because Socialism/Marxism is the alternative to Capitalism. The capitalist class do not like any alternative to capitalism. This is a threat to their well being. But what is capitalism? Capitalism is a system in which the means of production are in the hands of a select few who are the rich. They own labor production and the people who are part of the production. That is they own human labor. If a rich person were to buy a slave and the slave turned out to be useless, the owner would likely lose out on the investment and would lose the money that was put into purchasing the slave. If the rich person owns the labor production of humans then the rich can hire us and when their investment is going in the wrong direction they can fire us.  We the middle class and poor have to get jobs that are owned by this small percent of people, because they own our lives and our deaths. This may be a strange idea, but it is indeed the truth. Think about this: We need food to live, shelter, and income to get our basic necessities. The food industry, housing,apartments, and other necessities such as even water are owned by the upper class of people. This forces us to work for them, which they also own the labor factories, machinery, and other things that we use in our labor efforts to produce goods. They are in charge of the surplus that occurs from our own labor. That means they can decide what to do with the profit. They will keep some to themselves and maybe give a little to extend the business.

A system like capitalism is a system of exploitation. We are not slaves in terms of having absolutely no freedoms, but we are slaves as in wage slaves who must follow the whims of the upper class. Under this capitalist system many people around the world are affected. It is mainly the middle and poor class of each country. That is why there is sweat shops in Mexico, China, and other places. Capitalism breeds wars such as the War in Iraq for Oil and imperialist control. Imperialism is Corporations and other such big business that buy up the world and its resources. Kids are starving all around the world even in this country due to Capitalism. All the while the little pawns that is the ‘little people’ of the middle class and poor fight over supporting the right or the left. But in reality neither the republicans nor the democrats really give a shit about the common folk. Even democrats that seem better than republicans always seem to cave in to Wall Street. What we need is to go further left. When we go further left we break the shackles of Capitalism.

We now turn to Socialism. This is a system in which people that is the masses are in control of the means of production. There is common ownership amongst the masses. This is a true democracy in which the people rule the nation. The state controls everything and that state is ruled and implemented by the masses. Therefore the means of production and the goods produce will be under the direction and decision of the masses and in the interest of the masses instead of the interest of just a select few billionaires. Socialism is a path of overthrowing the existing ruling class and replacing it with a proletarian dictatorship. This means the masses replace the ruling class and then become a dictatorship over the rich. Now this is not the end result, because there will still be exploitation. In this case there is class division still. So socialism will then guide its way to Communism. Communism is the extinction of all classes. That means the proletarian will cease to exist and the rich class and instead there will be a classless society in which runs by the entirety of the nation. That means everyone black, white, gay, straight, or whatever has a say in the matter of ruling the nation.

This is what we need to turn to in these times. If we turn off mainstream media and look at other outlets in Europe and other places we will see that Socialism is on the rise in many places. We see revolution happening in the middle east. Is it not time for us to stop the bullshit that is occuring in our nation? The time now is for a peaceful revolution into a Socialist society. We can be the ones to carry this out. We need to educate ourselves on the truths of Capitalism and its exploitation and the truth of Socialism and how it can truly work.