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Marijuana legalization should be a socialist cause!

Some topics are very controversy and the issue of legalizing marijuana is one of those controversial topics.  It may seem strange that a socialist would say that marijuana legalization should be a socialist cause. Some may think this is the words of a youthful one who is irresponsible and just wants to get fucked up all the time. Many people do not take this issue seriously. The fact of the matter is that we have been lied about marijuana. Yes sure I would love for all of us to roll up joints and take bong rips, but that is not the main intent of marijuana legalization. It is not just that marijuana is now revealed to be a very healing and non harming herb, but the fact that the so called land of the free has been leading an unjust war on our freedom for many years now for the sake of profit for the ruling class.

Marijuana used to be a legal herb that was used in America for many medicines, agriculture, paper, clothing (from hemp), and many other such things. From thousands of years ago many cultures used cannabis or marijuana for healing, spirituality, and to make products such as writing paper (the Chinese first writing material was from hemp) (also the Declaration of Independence was written on hemp paper).  In 1619 in Virginia’s Jamestown colony had a law that ordered people to grow marijuana.

The American  people were lied to when they were told of the so called evils of Marijuana. The whole propaganda machine of the far right and the ruling class fed into the minds and hearts of people that Cannabis was dangerous. They said it kills brains cells, causes cancer, and causes nigers and spics to rape white women. Now we know that Cannabis does not kill brain cells (it actually helps brain cell growth), it does not cause cancer, you cannot over dose and blacks and hispanics are not made to rape white women from ingesting it. There are a wide range of medical benefits for cannabis. Glaucoma is not just the only condition that Cannabis can help with. So the question is why were we lied to?

Well our great American presidents and the ruling class decided along with corporations that Marijuana/Cannabis was a threat to their profit making. Of course they get their profits from the surplus of the working class people in producing the money that is pocketed by the wealthy, but they want more profit so they take away the freedoms of the working people who create the wealth for the ruling class. The lumbar industry suffers under Marijuana legalization and so does the health care industry and other industries.  Think of all the money that is racked in by the health care industry to feed the bellies of the ruling class. Think of all the nasty side affects of the ‘legal’ drugs that the government condones. Then think of working class people growing Marijuana/Cannabis in their garden and getting medicine for free with limited side affects of having the munchies and having dry mouth. The health care industry has difficulty competing with this. So why not eliminate access to this herb that grows naturally from the Earth? This is what they did. The ruling class is ever clever to inflict policies that take away our freedoms for the sake of profit.

They have made a plant, an herb, that was revered by some cultures as the tree of life and some ancient civilizations even worshiped gods associated with Cannabis. All for the sake of profit for themselves and exploitation of the working class. So when a fellow socialist glares at the thought of another socialist bringing up marijuana, I can simply see that they have fallen into the propaganda of the ruling class. Socialist revolution is a fight for freedom and true democracy. Does not taking away peoples medicine, recreational relaxed use, and ability to make many products go against freedom and does it not show that we are slaves to the ruling class who only wish to exploit us for the sake of filling their pockets with our wealth?

I suggest that those who have not already seen the documentary film, “The Union” to watch it and educate yourself on how our government has lied straight to our face while enjoying their lavish luxuries with the wealth created by our hands.