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Wiki leaks reveals US involvement with lowering minimum wage in Haiti



This is what capitalism causes. There is no patching up or putting a bandaid on capitalism. It has to be demantle and an alternative political economy needs to be implemented, a socialist one. How can we claim to be leaders of the free world when all we do is screw over other people which are the majority of the world (the poor and middle class).




Socialism Can Uplift You

Many people may hear Socialist and Marxist ideas, but think of it simply as a pipe dream. The reality of the issue of Socialism is that it can and will work. We have seen that when it was implemented by Mao in China during the Cultural Revolution had raised the standard of living, education, health, and the economic structure grew. Women were given rights that were non-existence before. Unfortunately there was a counter revolution by the capitalist that toppled the new socialist system in that country. We see the deadly affects today in the sweatshops and other places in China that are suffering because a few greedy people wish to own the wealth and the means of producing them.

We can however leap far into the distance. This distance is the field of endless possibilities in Socialism. Through study of Socialism/Marxism we can educate ourselves on a system that can work. The main threat to socialism is counter revolution. So if the masses of people understand this, then they will be able to ward off any capitalist uprising if they remain true to their goals of a society run by the people.

We can devise programs that better our jobs. These jobs that we worked will no longer be burdensome. We will want to go to work because we will be part of that job. Our words will have weight in the operation of production. This means that I am to no longer be looked down on as someone without any ideas to contribute to the job. Michael Moore in Capitalism a Love Story shows a couple of factories in the US that are run by a Socialist view. I suggest you watch that film and see the significant difference between a factory run according to a socialist system and one that is ran in a capitalistic system. The goods that we produce will be for the people. What this means is that we will meet all of our needs and what the nation needs in order to survive and thrive. Not only this, but our production may be used to help others in distant countries instead of just profiting off of other peoples miseries. Now there wont be any cut throat competition. Many people from the far right claim that this means we will be lazy and not get things done. They say this because making profits will be eliminated. The problem with their argument is they are already shooting themselves in the foot. Right now the working class people barely make enough to survive and yet they work hard even though they are getting paid bread crumbs. In a socialist society these people will be taken care of and will work to further help the needs of society as a whole. This means we can better each and all of our conditions. We can vote to see how we want to improve other conditions in work or education or whatever it may be.

Our education system can be flourishing. Kids in the classroom can have a say and share their views. Kids will no longer fear going to school. The education system will work for the people. The staff of the education system will have a say in how things are done. We will make sure that what we learn is actually fact and not some of the fiction that is taught in our schools today. We see previously some years back, Hugo Chavez the so called ‘Hitler’ wanted to pass legislation in Venezuela to have free education for everyone. These are some great ideas that are used in some European countries. In these countries you see that they use some socialist aspects. What would be even better is for them to transition into a full socialist state and thus manifest a communist state.

Our health care system would be greatly improved. We wont have to deal with people trying to profit off of our illnesses and our debt when we cannot afford medicine. A lot of people in this country cannot afford their medicine and thus go without. The far right argues that those places in which socialist health care exist has doctors that are not well trained. This is 100% bullshit. Many people in Denmark, France, Canada, Cuba, and elsewhere benefit immensely from great doctors. The health care in Cuba itself is growing huge. Not huge in terms of profits from exploiting sick poor people, but growing huge as in demonstrating an advance in knowledge and understanding of the medical field. The health care system will be run by the people and for the people. This is a tremendous virtue for civilization.

Our military would not be used for imperialism and raping and pillaging of other nations resources. Right now we take up 35% of the resources as in this is all done by the US. We will not need to bomb innocent people for their oil or place dictators in other countries like Egypt and elsewhere so that we can make a profit for the all ready filthy rich. Once again my man Hugo Chavez wanted to pass a bill that would make the military of his country be used in defense only and not for imperialism.

A new society can be realized. We need to only unite as masses. All blacks, whites, Chinese, hispanic, and other types need to rise up together in unison. We need to protest and demand not a change of politicians, but a change in the system itself. We need to take to the streets like Tunisia, Venezuela, Egypt, and other nations currently struggling and demand a regime change and government change. We need to demand that we be put in charge of the nation and not the select few of racist filthy rich people. The future is ours and it can only be realized in this moment right now. So lets stop being naive and thinking that the Democrats will help us or the Republicans and instead abolish these parties and raise up a non-capitalist party of Socialist that will lead the country to work for the people and by the people.


Long Live Socialism

A great documentary on Socialist uprising in Latin America

South of the Border by Oliver Stone is one of my favorite documentaries. Check out the trailer


Socialism a brief discussion

What is Socialism? We hear this term all the time in mainstream media mainly from far right republicans. Socialism has been demonized by the Capitalist international rulers. We see the affects even to this day when we hear the word Socialism. Some words that come to mind when we hear about socialism is dictatorship, removing of our rights, and murder. Of course this is what they wish to present to you, but is it really the reality?

If that is not the reality, then why do they frequently demonize Socialism and Marxism? The reason for all the hatred toward Socialism is because Socialism/Marxism is the alternative to Capitalism. The capitalist class do not like any alternative to capitalism. This is a threat to their well being. But what is capitalism? Capitalism is a system in which the means of production are in the hands of a select few who are the rich. They own labor production and the people who are part of the production. That is they own human labor. If a rich person were to buy a slave and the slave turned out to be useless, the owner would likely lose out on the investment and would lose the money that was put into purchasing the slave. If the rich person owns the labor production of humans then the rich can hire us and when their investment is going in the wrong direction they can fire us.  We the middle class and poor have to get jobs that are owned by this small percent of people, because they own our lives and our deaths. This may be a strange idea, but it is indeed the truth. Think about this: We need food to live, shelter, and income to get our basic necessities. The food industry, housing,apartments, and other necessities such as even water are owned by the upper class of people. This forces us to work for them, which they also own the labor factories, machinery, and other things that we use in our labor efforts to produce goods. They are in charge of the surplus that occurs from our own labor. That means they can decide what to do with the profit. They will keep some to themselves and maybe give a little to extend the business.

A system like capitalism is a system of exploitation. We are not slaves in terms of having absolutely no freedoms, but we are slaves as in wage slaves who must follow the whims of the upper class. Under this capitalist system many people around the world are affected. It is mainly the middle and poor class of each country. That is why there is sweat shops in Mexico, China, and other places. Capitalism breeds wars such as the War in Iraq for Oil and imperialist control. Imperialism is Corporations and other such big business that buy up the world and its resources. Kids are starving all around the world even in this country due to Capitalism. All the while the little pawns that is the ‘little people’ of the middle class and poor fight over supporting the right or the left. But in reality neither the republicans nor the democrats really give a shit about the common folk. Even democrats that seem better than republicans always seem to cave in to Wall Street. What we need is to go further left. When we go further left we break the shackles of Capitalism.

We now turn to Socialism. This is a system in which people that is the masses are in control of the means of production. There is common ownership amongst the masses. This is a true democracy in which the people rule the nation. The state controls everything and that state is ruled and implemented by the masses. Therefore the means of production and the goods produce will be under the direction and decision of the masses and in the interest of the masses instead of the interest of just a select few billionaires. Socialism is a path of overthrowing the existing ruling class and replacing it with a proletarian dictatorship. This means the masses replace the ruling class and then become a dictatorship over the rich. Now this is not the end result, because there will still be exploitation. In this case there is class division still. So socialism will then guide its way to Communism. Communism is the extinction of all classes. That means the proletarian will cease to exist and the rich class and instead there will be a classless society in which runs by the entirety of the nation. That means everyone black, white, gay, straight, or whatever has a say in the matter of ruling the nation.

This is what we need to turn to in these times. If we turn off mainstream media and look at other outlets in Europe and other places we will see that Socialism is on the rise in many places. We see revolution happening in the middle east. Is it not time for us to stop the bullshit that is occuring in our nation? The time now is for a peaceful revolution into a Socialist society. We can be the ones to carry this out. We need to educate ourselves on the truths of Capitalism and its exploitation and the truth of Socialism and how it can truly work.